Our 2007 Pilot Cleans Up Rather Well!

This is our Pilot. It has been the family car since we bought in 2006. It’s seen two moves; loaded with four dogs, four people, and luggage. It’s seen countless Christmas trees both inside and on it (don’t ask). Furniture. Killing deer. It’s done it all. And today was it’s time to shine. It got its first real detailed… » 5/05/15 2:06pm Yesterday 2:06pm

Grandma keeps saying that her Genesis is Getting a bit too big for her

Grandma has a fully loaded 2009 Hyundai Genesis. Its just like the one above, with the full wings package that doesn’t say Hyundai anywhere on it... She keeps saying how its a bit too much car for her lately and she wants to downsize... I’m going to be driving the Civic up there to visit over Summer.... maybe she will… » 5/03/15 8:51pm Sunday 8:51pm

I'm Running Out of Options...

Day 21. I am still unable to find work. I have applied everywhere and can’t even get a callback anymore. Hell, Pizza Hut won’t even give me a chance. No one wants to hire a 17 year old and it is really stressing me out. I’ve been working since I was 14. I have serving and general customer service experience. I’m a… » 5/02/15 10:14pm Saturday 10:14pm


I have just learned this the hard way. Wasn’t even thinking. Put my backpack in my trunk and set my keys down inside. Shut it and bam! Locked out! The trunk can only be opened from the key or inside. Sadly, the doors stay locked when you pop the trunk. I did hit unlock, but didn’t open a door so it locked after 25… » 5/01/15 2:19pm Friday 2:19pm

Gotta Love Craigslist! Nothing Shady Here!

Just an unknown year Saab Turbo. From ad: “I am not sure of the year. It needs a battery but runs well. I do not have a title and I do not have a way to get a title, but I will give you a bill of sale with the car. I may do some trading depending on what you have. I do not have any more information about the car than… » 5/01/15 10:35am Friday 10:35am

Really Wish I Had The Time, Money, And Skills To Fix...

1995 Lexus SC400 V8 for $1000. Said that the battery is dead and won’t hold a charge. Hell, if it was just a battery and alternator, it’d be under $300 to fix. And then I’d just need to fix that window, which might be a little tricky. But I’ve always liked these cars. I’m NOT going to do it, but what does Oppo think?
» 5/01/15 10:35am Friday 10:35am

When in a minor crash, aren't you supposed to move OUT OF THE ROAD? 

I just want to double check on this. I almost got rear ended and rear ended someone because of a very small 2 car pileup in the fast lane of the highway. The cars just stopped there and refused to move. The car ahead of me ended up rear ending the car ahead of him and it ended up being a 5 car accident. This is the… » 4/29/15 9:57am 4/29/15 9:57am

Hey Guys (And Gals)! Can I Get Some Advice?

I’m new to this blog here so thanks for the add first off! I am a car person and that is mostly what I photograph. Currently, I have a really basic Nikon L320 I got on Black Friday for under $100. I want to get a DSLR, but don’t have much budget. I have about $350 and want to find one used like on Craigslist or eBay.… » 4/26/15 10:18am 4/26/15 10:18am