Who Needs K-Day? (ALSO TRADES)

Not this guy! Disappointed that I did not know about K-day, I still decided to check the local K-Mart. And I am so glad I did. I found virtually everything (minus the Batmobile and Datsun Wagon). I guess K-Day wasn't big at that store; good to know for next time! I also found some odd stuff way in the back and I have… » 9/15/14 7:08pm Monday 7:08pm

Hey if its still available I am interested. I just got one of those Hot Wheels Transit Connect Vans if you want and I can dig through my bins and find something else or I can dig through if you want anything specific! » 9/13/14 12:29pm Saturday 12:29pm

Ever Wonder What The Underside of a C6 Corvette Looked Like?

Well wonder no more! Yes, it was in Florida too. The driver apparently was cut off and had to swerve onto the sidewalk to avoid hitting the car. He ended up driving up the electrical pole support cable and became stuck. More pics below. » 9/13/14 12:16pm Saturday 12:16pm